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Perico Pirata

Interactive storybook for children

Creation, characters development, illustration and animations for Perico Pirata.

2012 Award Winning 1st place "Desafio Blackberry"
2013 Finalist Buenos Aires IT (BAIT)

PERICO PIRATA, a unique interactive storybook app for toddlers and kids. It stands out for its visually stunning presentation, funny interactivity and fantastic playabilty.

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"Limones de la vida" (LifeĀ“s Lemons)


This is a personal project. a webcomics series of short funny comics (mostly related to movies and comics). Uploaded via Facebook with my illustrations and written by famous writter Ramiro San Honorio and me. We are planning to make a book out of them.


Limones de la vida / Facebook

Limones de la Vida / Pinterest




Coming soon. This is gonna be a book with al the comicstrips of "Limones de la vida".
Written by Ramiro San Honorio & Damian Hadyi, with illustrations of Damian Hadyi.

Limones de la vida / Facebook

Character design

Pechacucha Night Presentation

This was a series of illustrations related to a new developed character Ed The Elephant.

Caricature and Character design


Personal project for my new portfolio website.

Creation and character development. 2015

Mascot Character creation

POLTICADOS - Quiz Game App

Creation and character development for "Politicados", a politics themed Quiz Game App. 2015


Casual Game App

Character development and illustrations for a casual game. 2014


Environmental Quiz App Game

Mascot designs for the differents stages of the game. 2015


Illustration based on a mascot developed for a germany IT team.

Where is the birdie?

Children Memory Game App

Illustration and character design for a children game, developed for Blackberry.

Well & Tesla

Game App

Illustration and concept for game.


"El novio en el palco"

Roberto Arlt Exhibition

2012. Illustration for the "Roberto Arlt Exhibition" in
Centro Cultural Recoleta (Buenos Aires, Argentina).