Mobile Design Selected Projects


Medical Services Searcher

Dokktor is a search engine developed for a Panama Health Ensurance company.

  • Search for medical professionals
  • Search for medical centers and hospitals
  • Emergency numbers
  • Profiles and complete data fo the professionals.




Museo Evita

Audio Guide App for museum

One of many audio guide apps designed and developed for museums.




Soccer Team Stats Dashboard

The perfect companion for every director of soccer teams! Create your team, and take notes in a very easy way of every move they make.

Specially created for Australia.




Customizable Task Organicer

  • 2015 Award Winning 1st place "Hackaton x la Inclusion" (Ministerio de Desarrollo Social + ASDRA Asociacion Sindrome de Down de la Rep. Argentina)

SECUENDO is a special development created for the "Hackaton x la Inclusion", a very special event of the Down Syndrome Asociation of Argentina.

The objective was to create a useful and functional application for Down Syndrome people and related families. We listen to the problem, and then created this app. Secuendo allows the user to:

  • CREATE A SECUENCE OF PICTURES, showing how to perform any activity step by step.
  • CUSTOMICE this secuence by using any pictures from the web, or taking their own pictures with the person who is gonna use the app to learn the activity.
  • RECORD YOUR OWN VOICE on every step, and in the item of the list of activities.

With this 4 main items in mind, we knew that this application would be useful not only in Argentina, but in every country in the world, since there is no language limitation, nor any preloaded activities. Users can create the activies they NEED, in their language, with their own people.

Secuendo was created, designed and developed in 24 hours for iOS native.


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P.S. Be Brave

Inspirational Game App - 2015

  • 2015 Award Winning
    2nd place "Life. Love. Videogame Design Challenge 2015"

"P.S. Be Brave" is a videogame created for the LIFE.LOVE Game Design Challenge. It is a game specially developed to increase awareness about Teen Dating Violence (TDV). We wanted that players could communicate between each other to share their experiences and to send advices so they can learn what to do and what to say when they find a TDV situation.

In the game we include male and female situations, because this is something that affects everyone.

Created by: Damian Hadyi & Dario Gimenez

More images of "P.S. Be Brave" in Behance.

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Perico Pirata

Storybook for children

  • 2012 Award Winning 1st place "Desafio Blackberry"
  • 2013 Finalist Buenos Aires IT (BAIT)

PERICO PIRATA, a unique interactive storybook app for toddlers and kids. It stands out for its visually stunning presentation, funny interactivity and fantastic playabilty.

The book tells a story about Perico Pirata, a fearless little parrot who takes your kid into his pirate ship. During this adventure he will meet the most crazy crew and will help Perico Pirata to do his everyday tasks. The app provides you with an interactive adventure time, mini games and unique activities that will bring smile and amazement to your kid´s face.

The book is full of cute interactive characters and elements for your kid to discover and play with.

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The Guardian

Inspirational Game App

  • 2014 Award Winning 1st Place.
    Life Love Videogame Design Challenge (USA)
  • 2014 Finalist.
    Innovación BAIT 2014, Buenos Aires, Argentina

"The Guardian" is a game specially developed to increase awareness about Teen Dating Violence (TDV). We wanted that players could imagine themselves as Guardian of their friends, and so they can learn what to do and what to say when they find a TDV situation.

In the game we include male and female situations, cause this is something that affects everyone.

The Guardian Download Central

What kind of monster is your boyfriend?

Quiz Awareness App

2013 Winner Finalist
Life. Love Videogame Design Challenge (USA).

Rosko Revenge

Casual Game

2012 Best App.
Hackathon Blackberry 2012 (An 8 hours competition, to develop a full playable game). Buenos Aires, Argentina

Car Finder

Car Finder

Car Location App

It´s car location app designed for Blackberry10 device.

Where´s The Birdie?

Kids Memory Game

Specially design and developed for the Blackberry10.


Casual Game

An app in development for Android, iOS & Windows Phone.
Available June 2015

Pato Tato

Interactive Storybook for children

This app was one of the four finalist in the CIFRA Contest 2013.

Night Partner - Red Bull

Entertainment App

Award winning app for the "Best Red Bull App" in the Blackberry Hackaton Rosario 2012.

Amazing Taking Box

Kids App

One of the 10 Amazing Talking friends specially developed for the Blackberry 10.